Rena Gaile Rena Gaile is a name That was very familiar to country radio throughout the 90s. Her string of successes began in 93 with the release of 2 CD singles “Let’s Not Call It Love Yet” and “ Daddy’s School” The release of her album “Out On A Limb” in 1995 was met with industry accolades for her angelic voice and strong vocals. “All She Wants” garnered massive radio play as well as video play on Country Music Television (CMT). It was followed by the release of “Better Off Blue”, “I Know Myself Too Well”, “Cloud of Dust”, “Girl Thing”, and “Hand That Rocked the Cradle.”. All this earned her the industry recognition and a nomination for best new artist in the company of Shania Twain Terri Clark and Michelle Wright. Eclipsed by Shania, Gaile realized that she was not destined to be the new queen of Nashville or even of Canada’s country music scene. So, in spite of offers from Nashville, with a three-year-old son at home Gaile decided to continue working in Toronto where she had a very successful music career with her band alongside Guido Basso playing private parties and corporate events. Gaile enjoys singing all styles of music and has done so in almost every imaginable venue including stints with Kitchener-based Major Hooples Boarding House and a number of jingles, the most recognizable being McDonald’s and Cottonelle. “While Rena is recently retired to the magnificence of life in Muskoka , she continues to develop and share her extraordinary musical skills. She is thrilled to be making new friends amongst the thriving Muskoka music scene. A newly formed partnership with local singer, keyboardist and performer Billy MacPherson has resulted in the development of a versatile vocal duo known as CAB FARE . “ Rena is delighted to participate in Fundraising for Tali’s Fund 416-616-3554

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