Vogueing over 7 years ,Snoopy was a part of Canada's first official Ballroom house (House of Monroe). Matthew "Snoopy" Cuff was introduced to Vogue through YouTube, and was amazed by the performance driven dance style. Snoopy helped introduce Vogue internationally by being featured on So You Think You Can Dance Canada and CBC Arts. Honing his skills in New York City, Snoopy has also learned from and battled some of the greatest Voguers! Also a graduate of School of Toronto Dance Theatre, Snoopy has a background in Contemporary Dance. This love for Vogue can be influenced and interpreted from any dance styles bringing Snoopy’s performance to higher heights. With numerous accolades, Snoopy continues to participate in Toronto's thriving Ballroom Scene. Through the art of Vogue, Snoopy hopes to inspire creativity while sharing his passion for dance.

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